Hot rolled sheets and plates

The above sheets are delivered in qualities 11373, 11375, 11378, 11523, QSTe 380, QSTe 460. Special qualities, formats and sheets’ thicknesses we can deliver to order. The sheets with the thickness of 5 mm and more are rolled up to the length of 12 m. Other non-standard dimensions can be supplied according to the customer's wish.

Cold rolled sheets

Cold rolled sheets are available in qualities 10004.21, 11321.21, 11331.21, 11373.21. Special qualities, non-standard thicknesses and formats of sheets can be delivered according to your requirement. All cold rolled sheets are stored in covered storage, in order to protect them against weather conditions and moisture.

Relief hot rolled sheets tear, groove

The sheets are available in standard qualities 10004.1, 11375.1, we can also deliver the non-standard formats of tear and rilled sheets.

Zinc-coated coils

Dimensions of zink-coated sheets and coils given in the charts are standard way rolled. Moreover, we deliver the sheets and coils of non-standard thicknesses and formats.

Profile hot rolled steel

L and T – type profiles are delivered in standard qualities 11371A, 11375, 11523

Flat bars

Flat bars

Materials delivered mostly according to a special order

  • Material determined for forging – billets, round bars and other materials steel strips in coils
  • Zinc-coated corrugated sheets
  • Hot rolled flat bars of standard qualities, width from 20 up to 150 mm
  • Hot rolled wide steel of standard qualities, width from 160 up to 750 mm
  • Hot rolled square bars of standard qualities, dimensions from 6 up to 150 mm
  • Hot rolled round bars of standard qualities, O from 6 up to 210 mm
  • Rods for concrete reinforcing, smooth in quality 10216
  • Rods for concrete reinforcing, ripped in quality 10245
  • Steel seamless tubes (precise) cold formed
  • Drawn, wedge-shaped and forged steel
  • Reinforcing wire mesh panels
  • Rails
  • Zinc-coated sheets in coils (HDG coils)
  • Hot rolled coils
  • Cold rolled coils
  • Billets and forged slabs