Manufacture of ribbed cold drawn wire and welded mesh production in concrete under the supervision of Testing Institute in Prague.


Production of steel wire Ribbed BSt 500M DIN 488 in coils or straightened welded mesh for concrete reinforcement bars, wire diameters of 4, 5, 6, 8 mm. Welded mesh of ribbed steel wire is produced without surface treatment in standard sizes or custom, customized Welded mesh of reinforcing steel are suitable for concrete structures. Smooth mesh‘s are used as reinforcement in concrete structures, auxiliary network to concrete, ceramic floors, in floor heating and a mesh fencing. Welded mesh are widely used in construction such as steel mesh in concrete products, industrial floors, in mesh construction, agriculture, gardening, the husbandry, road construction, protective covers, templates for floor heating, storage elements, storage pallets, fencing, roads and highways.

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Steel for the reinforcement Steel to concrete reinforcment (SK)
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