company ŽELEZO HRANICE-SK s.r.o.

has received a contribution from the European Structural and Investment Funds
for innovation on both the production process and products.

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We are constantly working on improving our services. We offer a NON-DESTRUCTIVE ULTRASOUND TEST with OLYMPUS / EPOCH650 Ultrasound Ultrasonic Unit. Ultrasound Nondestructive Testing method makes it possible to determine the presence of internal material even located very deep below the surface. In addition to internal defects of the type of double, interspaces, cavities, etc. The great advantage is the immediate display of the test results.

We are expanding our machnery park

We are expanding our machinery park. We are constantly improving and  expanding the offer of our services.

Due to this reason we have added  horizontal machining center WH 10 CNC to our machinery park. It is equipped with Heidenhain control system  wich allows machining in 5 axis. The machine can process products that weigh up to 3000kg. Another new addition is semiautomatic bandwagon  saw (for cutting metal) Bomar Ergonomic 320.250 DGH, wich is used for cutting profiles.

We are expanding our container manufacturing services

We are expanding our program in Slovakia with a sortiment of welding containers. We offer our customers production of several types of highcapacity containers like roller containers, storage containers or tub containers. By including containers in our range of goods we are continuing our successful journey of providing complex services and maximal satisfaction to the customers of our  manufacturing and business company ŽELEZO HRANICE.

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Our priority is the rapid delivery of goods to the location designated by the customer with an emphasis on optimal cost savings. That's why we have expanded our fleet with our own new truck.




If you want to become a member of our team, we offer you the opportunity to work in a progressive industry, in a professional background and with the potential for further personal development. We are currently looking for the following jobs:

TRADER with metallurgical material.

For more information call: 775 775 446.