We are expanding our services We are expanding our production program in Slovakia by an assortment of welded containers.We are newly offering our customers the production of several types of large capacity containers, like remote containers, storage or tub containers. By incorporating the production of containers into our assortment, we are successful on our way to providing complex services and maximizing the customer satisfaction of our production-business company, ŽELEZO HRANICE.

Výroba kontejnerů

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Judo club Železo Hranice Our Support JUDO CLUB ŽELEZO HRANICE is a club of judoists with a base in Hranice. Here the sportsmen train for competitions. Men and women visit the club and they take part in many competitions all year round. They very often win valuable awards.

Judo - Železo Hranice

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Would you like to join our work team? We offer you an opportunity to work in a branch with good prospects, a professional background and perspective possibilities of further personal development. At present, we do not any positions vacant. Nevertheless, if you are interested to work in our company please join our database of applicants.

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