Production division ARMOSIT of vompany ŽELEZO HRANICE s.r.o. is primarly oriented on production and delivery of curry nets, reinforcing steel bars, cut/bent reinforcing steel according to PD and reinforcing steel in coils. We supply material for retail and wholesales, including variety of accesories of spacers for storing steel, binding wires and system building elements gor builds of conctere structures of all kinds.

Unique connection between business part of ŽELEZO HRANICE and its portfolio of wide range of metallurgical material (beams, profiled steel, etc.) and production part of ARMOSIT network preparation with important storage stock of different types of small and large formated curry nets, represents a great potencial that allows us to flexibly respond to all of our customers’ requirements.

Quick logistics, wide range of goods for competitive prices, customers trust and reliability of delivery represents our highest priority. We will be glad, if we’ll be able to convince you of our qualites.


Production of welded curry nets from ribbed reinforcing steel, wire diameters: 4, 5, 6, 8 mm,quality B500A according to ČSN 420139, production of reinforcing steel with diameter of 6 or 8 mm, quality B500A in coils and bars (6 m in length).

We supply steel in coils, quality B500B with diameters of 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 mm, reinforcing steel in bars with quality Bst 500, diameter 10 - 32 mm, length 6, 12 and 14 m, from production of leading europian smelters.

Všechny námi vyráběné a dodávané výrobky samozřejmě disponují platnou certifikací pro použití daného stavebního výrobku v souladu s platnou legislativou v České Republice a na Slovensku.

All products manufactured and shiped by us also have valid certification for the use of said building product in correlation with valid legislative in Czech republic and Slovakia.

Welded nets from ribbed steel wire (reinforcing steel) are produced without surface treatment in standard sizes or custom-made, according to the customer's request.

They are usefull in concrete construction of all kinds, where they provide the resulting required properities od the reinforced concrete structure.


Welded nets have a wide range of uses in construction, in reinforcing the foundation of family houses and apartment buildings, as reinforcing nets for prefabricated concrete elements, panels, for industrial floors, for construction of utility networks fencing of aglicurtural and forest lands,  breeding cages, pens, fencing of fields of creeping game, support for plants in gardening, on road constructions, protective covers, floor heating stencils, storage elements, warehouse pallets, raod and motorway fencing, etc.

Kari sítě Kari sítě Kari sítě
Kari sítě Kari sítě Kari sítě


Steel for reinforcement with ribs Steel for reinforcement SK

Armosit Division - Curry nets, reinforced ribbed steel B500A, steel B500B in bars, in rolls

Starý Hrozenkov -production and sales warehouse
(Starý Hrozenkov 249, 687 74 Starý Hrozenkov, CZ)

Ostrava Hrabová - sales warehouse
(U Řeky 900, 720 00 Ostrava Hrabová, CZ)

  • Ing. Zdeněk Pravda
  • tel: +420 572 672 774
Secretariat ARMOSIT
  • Pavla Stará
  • tel: +420 572 672 672
  • Petr Zicháček
  • tel: +420 739 386 903
  • e-mail: