Our long-term goal is creating the confidence of all business partners in the services supplied by us. For this reason, we have introduced and we use quality management systems according to the standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009.

The company ZELEZO HRANICE provides you always with a guarantee that the purchased materials have been produced according to the appropriate standards.

Certifikát kvality Quality certificate Certifikát kvality Certifikát kvality
Certifikát kvality Quality certificate Certifikát kvality Certifikát kvality


The management of the company ZELEZO HRANICE, s.r.o. with its headquarters in Hranice na Moravě, Teplická 226, represented by the managing director and the director of quality, Mr Martin Sak, declares the following Quality Policy being the Ethical Codex of the company as well:

A satisfied customer is our main goal

A satisfied customer is crucial for the existence of our company. The customer can appreciate quality, reliability and professionalism and will come back only when his needs will be met. If we are open to our customer's needs, if we look for solutions of his present and future requirements and if we are able to provide him with the best benefit, consequently we will also ensure the prosperity for our company.

Quality Improving is a Continuous Process

Quality improving process involving listening to customers and analysing their ideas and comments is the source of a continuous quality improving. Quality improvment is a continuous process. Avoiding errors are better than eliminating errors.

Individual Access

Quality depends on the will of each individual. It means to be ready to deliver perfect work. Each individual is responsible for the quality of his/her work results. Quality of the work is a basis evaluating and rewarding.

Teamwork is Crucial for the Existence of Our Company

The company's power and ability to compete always depends mainly on the people, on their mutual cooperation and on finding solutions in critical situations. However, in our mutual interest it is necessary to improve the cooperation continuously every day.

Management of the Company

The company's management uses the quality policy as a tool for improving efficiency of the whole company. Therefore, the quality policy is a part of all the company's visios, objectives and strategies. The company's management leads the employees by providing personal examples and behaviours and offers appropriate resources for fulfilling of our common goals. The quality policy objectives are explained in the way to be actively fulfilled by the employees. The quality policy is formulated and communicated in an effective way and it is tested regularly.

The company's management appreciates the ideas of other persons, respects them and accepts them, if they can improve the company's lucrativeness. The employees have to follow the main principles of the company's behaviour embedded in company's rules and instructions. The purpose of them is to gain confidence in the company intentions. Problems of health, security and social certainties are involved as well.

Focusing on a Goal

A goal has to be targeted all the time. This is the primary requirement to be successful. Our goal is to be ahead of the competition. That is why we have to provide top performance concerning the quality of our services.

Complexity of Services

The quality of products and services is also the result of first-quality supply, consultancy and sales services. Success is conditioned by a professional approach based on skilled and experienced experts.


As for the quality of delivered products and services, mutually advantageous supplier-consumer relations and a selection of reliable suppliers are necessary for the success.

Competitors Challenge Us to Be Better

As regards our competitors, we show fairness and professionalism. The competitors are for us a challenge and an opportunity. We are open to a cooperation with our competitors they promote our company goals.

We Appreciate Experience, Knowledge and Ideas Coming from Our Employees and Business Partners

Each of us can, or know something better than the others. If it might be profitable for the company, an acknowledgement or an award from his/her employer, co-workers and customer's appreciation will follow. Our company supports and appreciates seriousness, skills, initiative and the entrepreneurial spirit of each employee.